The Mighty St. Peter's Lutheran Church

Mailing - Sis. Hattie Hunt, Mattie McTaggert, Norma McGregor
Medical /Wellness - Sis. Verneda White, Jasmin Pitter
Altar Guild - Sis. Gloria Lamb, Sis. Norma McGregor, Sis. Elsie Henry 
Finance - Bro. Ricky Jenkins, Sis.Hattie Hunt


Welcome to St. Peter's!

Welcome from our pastor

Social Ministry - Bros. Richard Anglin, Edwin Bourne
Audio/Video Bros. Ralston Vaz, Isaiah Raleigh, Mark McIsaacs, James Whitten
Church Safety - Bros. Ralston Vaz,Michael Morgan, Det. John Leslie
Website - Sis. Akilah Clarke, Sis. Jennifer MacKenzie